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User Roles

NC State leverages user roles within Acoustic to help with data management and platform governance.

There are two main user roles that are used within Acoustic: Editors and Authors. People with these roles comprise each sending unit. A sending unit is usually a college or major campus division, but exceptions can be made for subunits with specific business needs.


Editors are responsible for actually hitting “send” on an email. As part of this process they make sure that the email is free of spelling and grammatical mistakes, follows university branding guidelines (when appropriate), and manages unit-specific constituents.


The “author” role allows users to build an email, schedule a sending date, and select recipients that are already stored within the contacts database.

Emails that an author creates will need to be approved by an editor before they are sent out. Each sending unit may have slightly different procedures and benchmarks for how quickly an email is approved for sending.