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University Databases

Information for faculty, staff, students, alumni, and donors are maintained at the university-level and made available within Acoustic.

These databases are updated daily and include supplemental information to help identify subpopulations based upon college and department. When your sending unit is created, University Communications and Marketing will assist with creating queries against these data sets.

Using a college as an example, queries for the subpopulations would usually be created for the sending unit to leverage:

  • College Faculty
  • College Staff
  • College Students
  • College Alumni and Donors
  • Each Academic Department’s Faculty
  • Each Academic Department’s Staff

UComm can assist with creating additional queries against existing information if there are other subpopulations that the sending unit frequently communicates with.

For contacts that are not available within a university database, each sending unit can create and maintain their own database within Acoustic. These supplemental databases are easy to update and organize.